The aim of this workshop is to introduce children to architecture.

In a tutorial-like creative setting, children will find out about architecture in a playful way. I will guide them in their reflections so that they mature their own projects.

The main activity will be the construction of a model of a shophouse transformed into housing space. Many other complementary activities will be proposed to enrich this initiation.

We will focus on the shophouse because it is a landmark in the built-environment and a feature of the Singaporean identity. The combination of the past and the contemporary construction will allow children to understand the new challenges facing architects in terms of heritage. A housing project is a program that children can easily understand and handle.

Shophouses performed by 15-16 year-old children.

Shophouses performed by 11-12 year-old children.

Shophouses performed by 10 year-old children.

Drawing made by 10-12 year-old children.

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