3 or 6-HOUR

WHO: 7 to 17 year-old children
WHEN: During holiday or week-end
from 9am to 12am or / 2pm to 5pm
WHERE: Marine Parade (East Coast) OR at a parent’s place
HOW LONG: 3 hours
PRICE: S$ 120 (inclusive of all materials)
HOW LONG: 6 hours
PRICE: S$ 240 (inclusive of all materials)

.models can be used for PSLE portfolio.

The aim of this workshop is to introduce children to architecture.

In a tutorial-like creative setting, children will find out about architecture in a playful way. As a professional architect, I will guide them in their reflexion processes so that they mature their own projects.

Through this workshop, each kid will build a model in wood and paper in scale 1:50. We will create a buidling in beams and columns and define its utility. As a little architect, the kids will follow the same steps as professionals: imagine a concept, draw the plans and elevations and build a model. 

For any enquiry please contact me at studiobty@gmail.com